In 2010 Mary Poppins Nursery was awarded Stage II accreditation in the Health Promoting Schools Scheme.

Breakfast Club (7.30am-8.30am)
Breakfast of cereals, toast, fruit and milk or water is provided as part of the breakfast club.

The nursery provides morning and afternoon snacks. We aim to promote a healthy diet and as such children are offered snacks low in sugars, fats and salt, such as fruit, vegetable crudities, crackers and cheese, rice cakes or oatcakes…

Children are actively involved in the preparation of snack and they also participate in cooking activities, such as “Chef of the week”, which they also enjoy for snack, e.g. soups, bread.

Children are usually offered milk to drink, unless they prefer water. There is always a choice of snack and children are encouraged to try new foods.
If your child has a special dietary requirement or suffers any food allergy or intolerance, a care plan will be put in place.
We support small local businesses and our milk and vegetables are sourced locally.

Lunch and Dinner
Children who are staying for lunch and/or dinner should bring their own packed lunch/dinner. Heating facilities are available in the nursery should parents wish their child to have a hot meal.
Food must be brought in a suitable cool bag with an ice pack to maintain safe temperatures. We operate within the government guidelines: Cooksafe. All members of staff hold “Elementary Food Hygiene” certificates and the manager, Ruth Dewar, holds “ Intermediate Certificate in Food Hygiene, Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland”

At Mary Poppins Nursery we participate in the “ Childsmile Toothbrushing Programme”.
Children are encouraged to brush their teeth after morning and afternoon snack with the toothbrushes provided through the scheme.

Sleeping and Rest Periods
While being active and energetic is a huge part of our day at Mary Poppins Nursery, we also understand that rest is a vital part of children’s healthy development.

At Mary Poppins Nursery we provide buggies or beds for children who still require a nap. The Nursery provides children with their own bedding and pillow and sleep aids such as dummies and teddies are welcome. Children also have opportunities to rest, relax and recharge their batteries throughout the day.

Caring for children aged 2 to 5 years
Open Mon-Fri